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Since the time of the invention of money, word of thanks are unnecessary........

The payment for the accommodation and other services can be done using one of these payment methods:

1. In cash at the front desk
2. Amount carried over to a bank account
3. Invoice
4. Money order or checks in the USA
5. Credit cards

........please choose any of the above stated methods of payment

1. In cash at the front desk

The most frequent method. You can pay in cash when you arrive or when you leave. We will print out a tax document (certificate), which will feature your name or the name of the company. Our pension is by law a tax-payer of 9% VAT. The payment is possible to make in CZK or in other major world´s currency (for example: Euro, US dollars) in valid and current daily currency rate.

2. Amount carried over to a bank account

We are asking and prefering this way of payment mainly when deposit is being paid, in advance of a group´s arrival or in main season. The amount being paid (usually 50% of the price) needs to be carried over under the variable sign (VS) 888 straight to our account.

Name of the account: Jaroslav Luprich – please, do not put any other or a different name
Number of the account: 182062236/0300

IBAN: CZ2503000000000182062236
Currency: CZK
Bank: ČSOB, Praha 8, Ke Stírce 50, tel. +420 - 284 007 211

The account is administrated in CZK, if you are depositing other world´s currency (for example: Euro, US dollars), the system will automatically convert the amount in CZK using the valid and current daily currency rate.

Also, please, pay the transfer fee. We will take care of the fees when money being brought to our account. The time between the payment and the money being actually transfered to our account is various (usually 5 days) – we will inform you about the receipt of payment to our account. The receipt of payment can be also faxed to us using this number: +420 – 284 689 440 or sent by email to:

3. Invoice

This method is mainly used by the companies. The ivoice is possible to print out even for regular (individual) guests. When booking longer stay or in the main season, we are printing the invoice in advance. Yet in most of the cases the invoice is printed out at the time of the departure.

It is always important to send us a written form of how the invoice needs to printed out. The written form has to have the information about you or your company. If you are requesting a special formulations, informations or texts in the invoice, it has to be announced before the invoice is printed out. We will then print out the invoice right away and send it to you by email and by mail (or by mail only). If not agreed otherwise, the invoice is due in 14 days. We are asking to keep the due date in mind and pay in given time.

In addition of the information being presented on the invoice (name, address, account number and bank information), there are also our other identification data:

IC ( Identification number): 16069501
DIČ (VAT number or Ident.-Nr.): CZ6103046796
Trade Certificate issued by City Council of Prague 8 (ŽO/ F/01/4286/310008-29953-01/746/92)

4. Money order or checks in the USA

We will kindly tell you more information about this payment method, which is very useful for the citizens of the USA, Canada and South America (or other countries using the American dollar currency). This method of payment will save the transfer fees. (2nd method of payment above)

5. Credit cards

We accept all credit cards. If you wish to pay with a credit card, please write this, together with the credit card number as a guarantee, to your reservation. Otherwise, we will automatically expect a cash payment. Thank you.